On This Day: Pynchon

On February 28th, 1973, Gravity’s Rainbow was published by Viking Press. This novel by Thomas Pynchon shared the 1974 National Book Award for fiction with A Crown Of Feathers and Other Stories by Isaac Bashevis Singer and was named as one of the Top 100 English Language Novels by TIME Magazine.

Hailed by many as one the great American novels, current editions range from 768-776 pages! Pynchon’s complex narrative surrounding the end of WWII rests among such prolific tomes as James Joyce’s Ulysses, David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest, and Marcel Proust’s À la Recherche du Temps Perdu as 20th century books that every bibliophile must read!

On This Day: Pynchon

What’s the longest book you’ve ever read?

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